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Stories you watch with your ears. A professionally-produced full-cast audio drama podcast presenting 8-12 part serials across a variety of genre and story types, featuring some of Chicago's premier vocal talent.
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Synesthesia Theatre is a podcast project from Burning Brigid Media featuring an anthology series of audio plays, along with interviews with the talent behind the voices.

Oct 24, 2016

700+ nominations have been tabulated, and voting is now open for the 2016 Audio Verse Awards. We are incredibly pleased that our hard-working cast and crew have gotten this recognition. And we would love your support in seeing us through the next steps! Voting is open to the public, and the first round of voting has begun, and closes at 11:59pm PDT on November 6. During this time YOU have a chance to make your voice heard. If you thought Iron Horses Can't Be Broken was exceptional in any of the categories below, then let the internet know and vote at!

Vote for Our Cast & Crew!

Please read the voting instructions carefully, and be aware that since there are many categories to vote for, and you must vote in every category, voting will take around 30 minutes. If you'd like to review nominees in categories we're not up for, you can check out their master list of nominations, or their nominee showcase, both with links to the shows.

We were nominated in these categories:

  • Best Original Composition in a Long form, Large Cast Production: Synesthesia Theatre theme music
  • Best Original Anthology/Variety Show: Synesthesia Theatre
  • Best New Original, Long Form, Large Cast, Ongoing Production: Synesthesia Theatre
  • Best Audio Engineering of an Original, Ongoing, Long Form Production: Kat O'Connor, Michael Coorlim, and Bill Bullock for Iron Horses Can't Be Broken
  • Best Writing of an Original, Long Form, Large Cast, Ongoing Production: Michael Coorlim for Iron Horses Can't Be Broken
  • Best Original, Long Form, Large Cast, Ongoing, Dramatic Production: Iron Horses Cant be Broken
  • Best Actress in an Original Ensemble Role for a Long Form Production: Amanda Meyer, as Florence Bartleby Kat O'Connor, as Sarah Bartleby
  • Best Actress in an Original Leading Role for a Long Form Production: Deborah Craft, as Iron Horse Song Marshall, as Aldora Fiske
  • Best Actor in an Original Ensemble Role for a Long Form Production: Bill Bullock, as Parker Doug Schuetz, as Luther Koning Sean Francis, as Chester
  • Best Actor in an Original Leading Role for a Long Form, Large Cast Production: C.J. Julianus, as Governor Robert Koning James Sparling, as Alton Bartleby
Whew, that's a lot! Five finalists in each category will move on to the Finals based on the number of votes they receive, and the last round of voting will also be open to the public for a final two weeks. There are lots of nominees for the first round, so competition will be stiff. As always, you can also support us by telling your friends about us, about Iron Horses and Synesthesia Theatre, and about the voting periods for the Audio Verse Awards. We think it would be great for our cast and crew to get some well-deserved recognition. Thank you!

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Oct 18, 2016

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The future is a cold place when you have no past. Marketing exec Erica Crawford lost hers when a coma robbed her of all memory of the last ten years, and not even the FBI knows what she’s been up to. Now she wanders the streets of 2025 Chicago, trying to get by on a meager allowance of government assistance credits, without friends, funds, or a work history within the last decade. Increased automation and a depressed economy have put a lot of people in her situation – but how many of the urban poor are stalked by assassins sent by a past they can’t remember? How many of them have to rely on strange skills and muscle memory to survive? Between the drone filled skies up above, and the rumbling of the El trains down below, Erica’s only hope is to adapt to the streets of a world where technoshock can be as deadly as a hit-man’s pistol.

Show Notes Episode 1

Cold Reboot was adapted from the novel by Michael Coorlim. Produced by Kat O'Connor and Michael Coorlim. Associate Producer is Bill Bullock. Our cast, in order of appearance: Scott Morris, played by Bill Bullock Erica Crawford, played by Kat O’Connor Taxi AI, played by Bill Bullock ChicagoNet AI, played be Ruth Kaufman Harry, played by Peyton Brown Judith, played by Susan Victoria Thomas Georgia Matthews, played by Chanda Davetas Baxter Collins, played by Sean Daniel Francis Synesthesia Theatre theme music by Stav Drieman. Learn more at Additional music by Joe Mason. Questions? Comments? Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Like this episode? Subscribe, rate, and review it on iTunes, and tell your friends. It keeps us high in the rankings so more listeners can find us. Want to write for us? Find out more here. Join our mailing list for news, announcements, and an exclusive audio drama download. If you like what you hear, please consider clicking on the Support Us button. We’ll be your best friend.

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